Beck Hall Malham

Beck Hall – Malham

In Malham dances were held to gramophone records in a hut that was behind Beck Hall on Saturday nights and life in Malhamdale carried on, although no one was oblivious to what was happening outside the Dale. The Parish newsletters don’t offer many clues as to what was happening locally, but this entry for December 1940, one of the few to mention the war, gives an indication of how life just

These late dark mornings and the long downpours of November have been a trying start for the winter. But we have a very great deal for which to be thankful. We do not have to drag ourselves out by night to a cold or a crowded air-raid shelter, or return to find our homes smashed or our church in ruins. Make a little time to pray for those who face these risks this winter. It will mean much to them. Church people will have been stirred by one act of sympathy reported lately. Carlisle diocese has sent a gift of £700 to help the diocese of Southwark, where 28 churches have been utterly wrecked and another 120 damaged. If we in Bradford diocese are given the opportunity of helping one another more because of the war, I hope we shall do it ungrudgingly, glad to help those who are less fortunate than we are.
Such minor inconveniences as our war-time winter brings us are small compared with other people’s. At church there is one change we had to make to avoid altering service times. To carry on our 8 a.m. celebration we have “blacked out” the vestry and made it a temporary chapel.