Former RAF Tockwith / Marston Moor – North Yorkshire

Marston Moor airfield (RAF Marston Moor, also known as RAF Tockwith was opened in 1941 as a Bomber Command airfield. However, as that name sounded like RAF Topcliffe, it was soon renamed Marston Moor. It did not have a front line role, but was instead a training base where pilots and crews converted onto their new aircraft. It was also assigned a Fighter Command role for the defence of Leeds, but Leeds was rarely bombed.
Marston Moor had two satellite airfields: RAF Rufford and RAF Riccall and during the war U.S. actor and USAAF Captain Clark Gable was allegedly stationed at the airfield, until he was reassigned to RAF Polebrook.
After the war, the airfield continued as an operational airfield for some time. 1665 HCU used it with Halifaxes and Short Stirlings from 1 August to 7 November 1945. The airfield then closed and went into care and maintenance, and was transferred to 268 Maintenance Unit (18 Feb 1946-31 Dec 1948
Today most of the original buildings still exist and this must be one of the best-preserved examples in Yorkshire of a World War II airfield as it would have been.