Former RAF Evanton – Scotland

RNAS Evanton – HMS Fieldfare station crest

Evanton airfield (RAF Evanton, also known as RNAS Evanton, HMS Fieldfare and Novar airfield) was an airfield 20 kilometres north of Inverness, Scotland.
The airfield was established in 1922 to support the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet when docked at Invergordon.
Initially the airfield was known as Novar airfield, after the estate that owned the land. Naval aviation was in the hands of the Fleet Air Arm of the RAF at the time and HMS Fieldfare was serviced from nearby RAF Leuchars.
In 1937 the decision was made to expand the airfield and turn it into a training base. On Empire Day 1939 RAF Evanton was the most northerly RAF Station to open its gates to the public attracting a queue of cars one-mile long and about 9,000 visitors.
By the time World War II started the Royal Navy moved to Scapa Flow to be out of range of German bombers and the RAF began using the base and called it RAF Evanton. By 1943 it had become a Coastal Command maintenance facility and in October 1944 the airfield was transferred to the Royal Navy as RNAS Evanton, better known as HMS Fieldfare.
Officially the airfield closed in 1947 and it was sold off in 1948, since the 1970s parts of the site have been used to house industries associated with the North Sea oil boom.