Aulbea Village Hall Wartime Cinema and Social Centre – Wester Ross Scotland

Aultbea Cinema and Village Hall, in Wester Ross

Built during the war the Romney building acted as both a cinema and a social centre and is situated on the the road to Mellon Charles. The building is constructed of brick, concrete and a corrugated iron rounded roof and although the exterior is now a little dilapidated it is still in use for various village functions. For the first time Films and photographs taken secretly during World War II were screened in the cinema in Aultbea and formed part of events recalling the Arctic Convoys Amongst the films to be shown will be footage of the Allied vessels arriving in Russia that has never been seen in the UK, the footage shot secretly and in violation of orders banning personal filming and photography. Officially sanctioned films include one taken using a pinhole camera by a major in a light anti aircraft troop as it travelled from Dundee to Aultbea. For security reasons the 25 minute-long film was sent to the US to be processed and it remained in America until the end of the war.
It is now held in Dingwall Museum’s archive.