Evanton Airfield

Evanton Airfield
With the arrival of World War II, Evanton airfield became HMS Fieldfare between 1937 and 1947.
The airfield initially expanded to become a repair base, and a school for flight, bombing and armament training by September 1939, with bomb storage being added by 1940, together with additional buildings for accommodation, transport, servicing, repair and storage. The east-west runway is 1,248 yards long and the northeast-southwest is 1,002 yards long. The airfield was placed on care and maintenance August 26, 1944, and later saw some civil use after December 1947.
Evanton Babe
The largest aircraft to use Evanton was a USAAF B17, 42-31919, piloted by Robert C Schimmel. Navigator Charles J Mueller reported that upon their arrival in England, their scheduled airfield at Prestwick, had difficult weather conditions for landing, so they diverted to make their anding at an RAF airfield at Evanton Bay. The short runway was not designed for bombers, and both tires blew out due to the accelerated stop. While replacing the tyres, the RAF ground crew painted a lady on the nose of the aircraft and called her “Evanton Babe”. On March 6, 1944, while being piloted by Schimel, the B17 was damaged by fighters near Emmen, Germany. Reports note that the crew bailed out, and the pilot returned alone.

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